Struck Speechless

Well friends, the writing, road blocks, editing, and publishing, are finished, and Speechless is available for everyone!

Everyone, that is, with a computer or other device.

With the story being a novella, I felt that self-publishing through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing would be the route to explore for this project (I’ll be posting a piece about the pros and cons of self-publishing, so stay tuned). Even though it’s through a Kindle service, the book can be purchased and read on any electronic device.

Speechless was originally intended to be a three-part novel, with each part following a different character and story, all set in the same dystopian world. As I started to write part 2, I realized really how distinct each character and story was, so I decided to experiment with releasing three separate novellas, for now at least. One day, I’ve considered compiling them into a hard-copy anthology.

So, back to the story. Speechless is set in the dystopian nation of Berough, where the government has outlawed speech, sign language, and written communication, in an effort to create a utopian unity within their nation. This first story set in Berough follows Sim Braxton, a boy whose sister was captured trying to oppose the government and get her voice back. He’s determined to follow her example and join a growing revolution.

I’ll leave the summary at that. Can’t give too many spoilers. This was a fun story to build and write. I got to explore what it would be like to not ever be able to speak, what implications there would be in a ‘perfectly unified’ society. It got me thinking and I hope it gets you thinking too.


P.S. Feel free to leave any feedback on the book either here or in the ‘Comments’ section on Amazon.


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